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Dear Friend,
We are one of the leading chemical company in china , which combines Manufacturing&Exporting as a whole for years . we hope to enter into long standing business relations with you in the future.
For your informaiton, our current price of Zinc Oxide &Titanium Dioxide are very competitive, The packing is in 25kg bag, and we can make shipment soonly after receipt of your L/C at sight
Is there any demands in hand?
By the way, our other competitive products as follows:

Zinc Oxide 99%/99.5%/99.7%(Mainly using in Rubber, Paint, Plastic etc)
Zinc Oxide 72%/74%/68% Feed grade
Titanium Dioxide Anatase/Rutile( Industrial grade/Food grade)
Lithopone 28-30%/30%Min.
Carbon Black N220/330/550/660
Iron Oxide Red/Yellow/Black
Chrome Oxide Green 99%Min.
Phthalic Anhydride

Pentaerythritol 98%Min.
Oxalic acid 99.6%Min.
Sodium Hexametaphosphate 68%Min.
Calcium Chloride 74%/94%Min.
Aluminium Sulphate 17% Min.
Poly Aluminium Chloride 31%(PAC)
Acetic Acid Glacial 99%Min.
Formic Acid 85%/90% Min.
Sodium Hydrosulphite 85%/88%/90%Min.
Zinc Sulphate Mono/Hepta
Phthalic Ahhydride
Sodium Formate 95%
Calcium Carbonate98%
Soda Ash
Benzoic Acid Tech
Sodium Benzoate BP98

If there is any other demands of chemicals, feel free to reply me, I would like to supply you more information as your inquirements.
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